Used Bow FAQ

How To Determine Your Eye Dominance

Determining your dominant eye is the first crucial step in getting set up with the right bow. To determine which of your eyes is dominant, find an object 10-15 feet away. With both eyes open, cover the object with your index finger. Next close your left eye and see if your finger still covers the object. If so you are right eye dominant. If your finger uncovers the object, open both eyes and once again cover the object with your index finger. Now close your right eye to see if your finger is still covering the object. If so you are left eye dominant. Another way to determine eye dominance will require a second person. Stand looking at the other person (about 6 feet apart) and make a triangle with your two hands. With both eyes open, look at the person’s nose through the triangle you made with your hands. The other person should only be able to see one of your eyes. The eye they can see is your dominant eye.

How to Determine Your Draw Length 

Tools Required:

   - Tape Measure

   - Somebody To Help


Step #1: Spread your arms to the sides making a letter “T,” holding your arms parallel to the floor.
Step #2: Have someone measure your arm span from the tip of one middle finger to the tip of the other one. 
Step #3: Take the measurement and divide it by 2.5.


Note: If the measurement doesn't come to a whole or half inch number, round down to the closest half inch or inch for picking draw length. Generally speaking you are better to be a bit short than too long.
Example: If your arm span is 72″, divide that by 2.5 and you get 28.8. This means that your draw length is 28.5″. 

How To Determine Your Draw Weight

Determining your ideal draw weight is not as easy as just doing an equation. Draw weight has to do more with your physical strength than your arm length. Below is a general list of draw weights for different age groups and genders. When in doubt, always start lower and work your way up.  All bows have at least 10 lbs of draw length adjustment with many bows having much more than that. Draw weights listed on bows are listed at their peak weights, so if a bow is listed at 70lb limbs, it will adjust down from there. Each individual will vary, but this will give you a starting point.

3-7 age    5-15 pounds
8-12 age 10-40 pounds
13-17 age 20-60lbs
18-60 age 40-70lbs
60+ age 40-65lbs


3-7 age    5-15 pounds
8-12 age 10-30 pounds
13-17 age 15-50lbs
18-60 age 25-50lbs
60+ age 20-50 lbs

How We Set Up Your Bow Before Shipping

At Used Compound Bows we strive to have the best possible setups for our customers.  Once our trained technicians receive your order they follow a structured build procedure to insure a properly setup bow for our customer.   This allows us to keep high quality control standards and also ship the bow setup in a way that we can have the customer complete the setup with success once the product arrives to them.

1. Technician sets the bow to the desired draw length & draw weight 

2. Technician sets up accessories on the bow to manufacture specs.

3. Technician installs peep and string loop.

4. Technician cuts and inserts arrows to the specs of the bow build.

5. Technician Paper tunes bow with arrows.

6. Technician sights bow in at 20 yards.

7. Technician gaps pins or sets sight scale for ballistics of the bow.

8. Technician packages bow up and fills out a custom instruction form for each customer getting the bow.


This will get the setup to a 95% complete stage, the last 5% will be completed once it arrives to the customer.  Detailed instructions included in the box along with an email with video links for completing the setup are included.  Along with that you have access to our staff by live chat, email and phone for any question you may have once the bow setup arrives.

How We Select Arrows

Selecting the right arrow for setup is not an easy task.  Here at we have decades of experience setting up and tuning bows.   It is extremely important to select the correct arrows when it comes to getting things tuned in correctly as well as the overall accuracy and forgiveness of your bow. While setting up bow packages, we will select the appropriate arrow spine and length for the package unless you indicate otherwise at check out.  This way if you aren’t sure what to buy, you don’t have to guess and you won’t receive improper arrows.

If you aren’t buying a new bow, but need help selecting the best arrows you can shoot us a message over our chat feature, email us or give us a call.  We would be more than happy to talk through your setup and help you pick out the right arrows.


What To Do If There Is Something Wrong With Your Bow Purchase

One of the reasons people buy bows from us is because they will have access to support after the sale.  All bows are inspected before they are listed for sale by a trained technician.  If for some reason you have a problem with a bow that you bought from us, please contact us right away so we can help figure out a solution.

By Phone: 218-515-2002

By Email:

Warranty Policy

At we have developed an inspection process that has allowed us to make sure bows are in good solid working condition before they are put back up for sale.  This allows us to be able to warranty some of the components and also take the guesswork out of if other items are in working order when shipped.  Our warranty policies are as stated below.


Items warrantied for 60 days on the bow
   -Limb Pockets
   -Cable Guards


Items Not Warrantied 
   -Strings and Cables


New accessories will be warranted per the manufacturer's warranty.


You might ask why some of these items are warrantied and why others are not.   The main reason is because the items not warrantied are often broken by user error either by dry firing the bow or using faulty nock/arrow.  Through our inspection and setup process we know that each bow at time of packaging is in great working condition.  So as long as the customer follows general archery safety procedures they should not have a failure of those components after.


If there is damage from shipping please take pictures right away with packaging damage and contact us to start a damage claim.